All of our hams are made from lean USDA Grade 1 hams and are federally inspected to ensure each ham meets our strict quality standards. Our Hickory Smoked Hams go through a carefully monitored cure process. They are then slowly cooked with natural hickory smoke (no liquid smoke is added) to result in a very tender, juicy and delicious ham that is fully cooked and ready to serve. Each ham is then vacuum packaged by our state-of-the-art packaging equipment to capture the freshness, wholesomeness and flavor.


“Bell’s Mill” Hickory Smoked Skinless Shankless Whole Ham

13-15 lbs Bone-in

One of our most popular hams. We start with the finest and freshest hams available. We hand trim the hams and mildly cure with the finest ingredients. We keep the bone in to retain all the natural succulence. No excess water is ever added to artificially moisten our premium hams.   Terrific as a main course, on a buffet or for sandwiches.

Dinner setting: 24-30 people
Buffet setting: 36-45 people



“Quality Classic” Hickory Smoked Whole Skinless Shankless Spiral Sliced Ham

13-15 lbs Bone-in

We have taken our closely trimmed hickory smoked, bone in ham and spiral sliced it for an easy to serve ham. The hams are placed on a spindle and sliced around the bone in a ribbon-like cut. You will have the convenience of continuous perfect slices, easy to serve, with the special taste of honey glaze on the outside. (We enclose the glaze seasoning for you to put on before cooking.) This is perfect for formal occasions as well as family dinners.

Dinner setting: 24-28 people
Buffet setting: 36-42 people 


Bell's Mill - Ham - Webster City Custom Meats

“Prairie Gold” Hickory Smoked Pit Ham

9-10 lbs Boneless (whole)
5-6 lbs Boneless (half)

Just as delicious as our bone-in ham, our pit ham is boneless and hickory smoked the old fashioned way. Our pit ham is fully cooked and ready to serve hot or cold. Flavorful, tender, juicy, completely skinned and trimmed of excess fat. They are a great time-saver for the dinner table, lunchtime or party time.  

Whole Servings:
Dinner setting: 16-20 people
Buffet setting: 24-30 people

Half Servings:
Dinner setting: 8-12 people
Buffet setting: 12-18 people

“Bells Mill” Hickory Smoked Mini Bone-in Ham

4-6 lbs Bone-in (whole)
2-3 lbs Bone-in (half)

This single muscle, bone-in ham will satisfy even the most particular ham connoisseur. The Mini Bone-in has the same delicious flavor as our Skinless Shankless ham. The versatility of this product is truly one of its greatest assets. Its unit size is great for small families, couples or singles.

Whole Servings:
Dinner setting: 6-9 people

Half Servings:
Dinner setting: 3-5 people