Pork Patties

Pork Patties/Grillers

1/3 lb patties
3 lb bags (9 patties)

Perfect for tailgating, backyard cookouts, family picnics, fundraisers, breakfast applications, etc. Easy to cook on a flat grill, charcoal or gas grill.

Pork patties pass through a freeze tunnel to lock in moisture and freshness for delicious flavor every time. Comes in a variety of options:


A wonderful alternative to hamburgers as well as a pleasurable eating experience.

Pork & Bacon

This product is unique in the fact that it combines fresh, lean pork with a hickory smoked bacon. The flavor is very pleasing as it imparts a touch of smoke flavor in a traditional pork patty.


Our original Pork Patty flavored with savory brat seasoning.  This is a favored alternative to a traditional bratwurst – a true home run!

Pork & Bacon Cheddar

Fresh Pork & Bacon are blended with high temp cheddar cheese, then mixed with “Cookies” brand seasoning for an exciting new flavor – sure to be a hit!